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Name:₩ o r l d h o p p e r s ; ic community
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A MWI cruise isn't just a vacation. It's way better. You get awesome on-board activities, delicious dining choices, nightlife and plenty of places to just kick back — all as you go from one fun destination to another.

Wait, you're saying you didn't sign up for this vacation? Nonsense, everyone needs a vacation, and MWI Cruises is providing an all expenses paid tour of the multiverse just for you. Oh, and that's the other little detail. MWI Cruises decided that exploring places like Alaska or Jupiter was so 2xxth century. You'll be traveling to other universes entirely.

So enjoy your vacation! After all, there's something for everyone since on this cruise, everything is possible.

[community profile] worldhoppers is a panfandom dressing room where characters are given a ticket to a multiversal cruise ship that they (for whatever reason) can't refuse. Every month or so, the cruise ship will depart to its next destination, which is another canon's world. Plots can range from sight-seeing in the Candy Kingdom of Adventure Time to stopping by Gotham City of DCU to help Batman save the day!

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The ship is currently: In the world of Harry Potter.

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